Michel Meppelink

My name is Michel Meppelink, 32 years old and i'm living in The Netherlands.

Creativity has always been in me from an early age and the dream to start my own business. The last couple of years I have been designing and creating my own furniture and in 2020 I started officially my own business. Although I really loved the things I made, I always had the feeling I was missing something. Something unique. That one thing you don't find in stores or on the internet.

That thing was color.

During my process I get inspired bij some work of abstract painting artists. I really loved their use of colors and technique. I start using a spinner to give my art that extra touch. Besides that I try some fluid techniques. My art is a combination of these different technique with a sense of colors. My furniture is finished with epoxy for protection. The paintings I make are finished with resin so it has a beautiful shine and protection.

I share my work process on my Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok so make sure to follow and subscribe.